The Unspoken Truth

about Resumes, Cover Letters and 'Thank You' notes.

"Harold - Thank you so much for giving me some really good pointers on finding a job. This process is overwhelming and I never dreamed it would take so long to find a job.

I have attached my resume for your review. Again, thank you for taking the time to discuss some really important factors in landing a job!
You are one amazing man!"

Anne S.
​Consumer Sales

"Harold, thank you very much for the Get Hired, Not Fired seminar. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone with my frustration trying to get a job. It was amazing - the resume information alone saved me $500."

Sandra T.
Business Professional

"I spent $600 on my resume and cover letter. I did exactly what my college career center told me to do. I sent out resumes to 90 companies. I never heard from any of them. I didn't know what I was going to do next. After I worked with Mr. Burt, I had four face to face interviews in 2 -1/2 weeks. The following week I got a job offer from exactly the company I wanted to work for."

Adam T.
Recent College Graduate




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Where Most Jobs

really are and why you don't see them. 

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The seminar taught me valuable information on who the employer is and what they want. I now see myself completely differently. I have the confidence to go out and get the things I truly want in life."

Karen M.
Sales & Marketing

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What Employers Want

that Never appears in the job description.

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"This seminar should be required for every college student in the country. Nobody else has told us this stuff before. It was a big wake-up call. I am Really Glad I went."

Allie D.
College Student

 "I wish I had taken this seminar two years ago when I began my job search. Now I know exactly what to do to get the job I want. I feel excited again about my future."

Brian L.
Travel Industry

How To Be

The Best of The Best in YOUR interview.


The Truth About Getting A Job


                                                     "Your first step to a career is a job!"

​Harold Burt is passionate about helping people build their careers. He has been interviewing and hiring business professionals for 30 years. He has also helped hundreds of people successfully interview and find jobs.

Seeing how traumatic a job search can be for people, Harold saw the positive impact he could make by showing people more effective ways to get a job in today's fast-paced environment. he was further motivated when he saw that most information being presented to job candidates was out of date and ineffective. 

"Not only that, but many people who write books, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles about How to Get a Job, have NEVER hired anyone! They have no idea how and why candidates really get hired!" - Harold Burt

Harold is one of the few Job Workshop presenters that has actually Interviewed, Hired and Managed employees for Fortune 500 companies!