Most people have never been on the other side of the fence. They have never interviewed, hired and then managed the people they hire - which is exactly what employers and hiring managers do. That is the critical disconnect between the employer and the job candidate.My Get Hired, Not Fired!   seminar will close that gap for you.

As a job candidate, when you see things from the  'Hiring' side, your life will change. Job hunting and interviewing will be exciting and fun - not the scary thing that everybody dreads. You are going to get first-hand, insider information. You are going to gain new skills and attain a completely different mind-set. Once you have this mind-set and learn these skills, you will always be in demand by employers and you will never be out of work again.

How do these situations relate to YOUR Job Candidates?

"My nephew has  been looking and looking for a job. He has become very frustrated and depressed. He's very smart with a high GPA. He's a great guy, but he's not the same person anymore. Can you help him."

Anthony H. 

Insider Secrets To Find, Interview and Get A Job

"After I was laid off the employment market has been very challenging. I'm sending my resume to so many job postings and not getting very many responses. I have been told my resume looks good so I don't know what I am doing wrong."

Susan P. 

Nearly everyone has had to look and interview for a job at some time in their lives. Whether you are unemployed or employed and want to find a better job, a job search can be a difficult and emotional challenge. It can be full of rejection and cause a loss of confidence. It can grind you down and wear you out. It can leave you feeling worthless and unappreciated. This even happens to high level executives.

It doesn't have to be like that. Most of it is because job candidates don't know what an employer really wants. They don't know what to 'Bring' to a job search or an interview.

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"After applying for a job, I was telephone interviewed by a Human Resources recruiter. The interview went well and the HR person said she really liked me. I never heard from them again. This has happened twice. Why do they lie to me?"

Sean R.

The moral of these true stories:

Despite their best efforts, these job candidates were unable to get a face to face interview and land a job. They were using outdated methods for finding a job and a lack of knowledge as to How and Why employers REALLY hire people.

The Truth About Getting A Job