The Truth About Getting A Job

"The best book you will ever read on how to actually get a job! This is the REAL DEAL, the rest are bogus."

Willam Ballinger

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"Every college student should take a class on learning how to get a job and this book proves that knowledge. Harold Burt walks you through all the steps from from putting together your resume, tapping into the hidden job market and preparing for the interview. This book will definitely help you find a good job quickly."

Kevin Campbell

"Excellent Book!!! Written from the employer's perspective. For example: Chapter 11, "What The Boss Really Wants is Never in the Job description." The two biggest things...1. Will you show up for work - physically, mentally, emotionally? 2. Can you get along with others?
After reading this book you will be armed with all the tools and information needed to get the job!!!"

Ben Johnson

"What an incredible book for anyone who is looking to find a job. Harold has actually hired people and gives a realistic perspective of the logical process it takes to get any job you desire. After reading 'Get Hired Not Fired' I was able to maintain my mental stamina and perseverance in my job hunt. Through eliminating outdated and outmoded information I was able to focus on the highest return activities. Harold taught me how to throw a touchdown with this book.  Not only was I prepared for this job hunt, but also how to be successful once I got the job. I am always going to stay up to date on my company and my industry thanks to Harold and 'Get Hired Not Fired!"

Bradley Davie

"I have had the privilege of attending a seminar hosted by this author. He is a great speaker with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the business world and how it works. This book is filled with the same great information presented in the seminar and is dynamic.

The information this author presents in this book is very much different from that proffered by all others I have heard and read who advises on how to go about the laborious task of finding a job. Mr. Burt presents information that I have never heard before and it took me aback so much, that I presented this same info to many of my friends, who were equally as surprised as I was.

Get Hired Not Fired contains info that the reader immediately realizes could only come from someone who really knows the business world, has worked in the business a long time...and most importantly, has actually hired personnel. Most,if not all of the other information I have heard and read advising on how to find and get a job, I believe, was no doubt offered by people who have never actually previously hired personnel!

Mr. Burt's book is a storehouse of very useful, practical and very readily useful information to aid all who are actively searching gainful employment. I have found the info presented to be an invaluable tool and it has helped me in my new approach in seeking employment and actually getting a job. Kudos to this author!

I highly recommend this book - and most importantly - this author's vast business knowledge, to anyone and everyone who is actively seeking gainful employment and who intends to keep their position for an extended period of time."

Anthony Herron

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