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  • Two (2) - One on One, 60 Minute Personal Coaching Sessions with Harold
  • Two (2) - Professional 30 Minute Mock Interviews
  • Signed copy of Harold's Amazon Best-Seller book: 'Get Hired, Not Fired!

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GET HIRED, NOT FIRED! - Insider Secrets To Find, Interview and Get A Job
Are you frustrated and struggling with the process of finding a job? You send out so many resumes and nothing happens? Harold gives specific instruction and insider secrets to actually go out and get a job now. These are the things that nobody has told you. Jump-start your job search and gain a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Presentations, Seminars & Workshops to Transform Your Job Search and Career

  • 7 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Looking For A Job.
  • How To Get Your Dream Job
  • How Your Kids Can get A Job and Pay Off Their College Tuition
  • Find Your Next Job Without Losing Your Mind
  • Get A Better Job and Leave Your Boss Behind

THE TRUTH ABOUT FINDING A JOB - 7 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Start 
​Many job candidates continue to use 'Old School' methods that only work 1% of the time. Harold will show you "7 amazing things" that will transform the way you look for a job. You will never look for a job the same way again. A must-attend presentation for anyone who is looking for a job or to build their career. You are more powerful than you think and employers are trying to find YOU!  STOP using outdated methods and wasting time on Low Return activities!

'GO PRO' Coaching with World-Class Resume

  • Two (2) - 90 Minute Group Training's    
  • Two (2) - 30 Minute, One on One, Personal 'Go-Pro' Coaching Sessions
  • Personalized Career plan with Targeted companies and jobs to apply for
  • Signed copy of Harold's Amazon Best-Seller book: 'Get Hired, Not Fired!'

GOING PRO! - Entering The Workforce
​Prepare recent Graduates, Women, Military and 2nd Career candidates entering the workforce. Top college athletes are known for 'Going Pro'. Graduating classes and 'new' job candidates are also 'Going Pro'. They are now entering the workforce to become paid professionals in their chosen line of work. College athletes prepare for this with 'Pro' days where they are coached to demonstrate their Professional capabilities.

Give your candidates a 'Pro Day' BEFORE employers show up! They will get specific tools to make their resume an 'Employer Magnet' and their interview the 'Best of the Best'. Harold will show them what employers REALLY want in job candidates.


  • Two (2) - One on One 60 Minute Personal Coaching Sessions with Harold​
  • Each session focuses on YOUR personal situation to get the ideal job that you want.
  • Signed copy of Harold's Amazon Best-Seller book: 'Get Hired, Not Fired!'